Self built Rampskating-Rollerskates!
Wanna make some by yourself? Just do it! Here’s a little tutorial:

custom skates | vans sk8hi | rollerskates

You Need

• Pair of Boots

• 2-3 mm Aluminum sheet (for the Strengthening Insole)

• Comfort Innersole

• Plates & Trucks

• Wheels (with Locking Nuts & Bearings)

• Mounting Kit

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We followed the instruction of “Chicks in Bowls” Custom Rollerskate Build Tutorial

Step 1:

• Remove the original innersole and laces from the boot.

Step 2:

• Using the insole mark and cut two new insoles from the sheet of the aluminium.

• Insert the aluminium insole into the boot.

Step 3:

• Using the center of the sole, align your plate and mark out the mounting holes.

Step 4:

• With the aluminium insole still inside the shoe drill the mounting holes through the boot and insole.

//We didnt manage to drill through the sole of the boot and the aluminium all together, cause the profile of the vansboots are too rough, so the drill would always slip off the marked spot. We drilled the aluminium seperatedly from the boot, and drilled through the boot sole with a hand drill for wood.//

• Countersink all of the mounting holes.

• Trim the toe end off approx. 1-2 cm from end mounting holes.

custom skates | vans sk8hi | rollerskates


Step 5:

• Mount Plate to the Boot

• add Trucks, Wheels (with bearings) and Stoppers to the plate

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Lace up and you’re Ready to Roll